About us

Zar Research and Industrial Group with 30 years of successful and effective presence of its founder in the field of food industry could work in different parts of food productions as a totally strong, scientific and systematic company. Zar Group is handled as a Holding Company with a Chain Structure. The group is one of the largest and most productive industrial holding companies in national and international areas of food industry which its main slogan is “providing top foods and a sufficient meal by world-class quality". To achieving this slogan, Zar Group had to follow the deep understanding of consumers’ needs and recognize their food culture by new technology, expert human resources and up-date knowledge.
The main goal of Zar group is becoming a holding company in food industry which in are some educational-industrial companies, such as; Zar Macaron , Zar semolina, Zar flour, Zar fructose, Zar Pakhsh (Zar distribution center), Zar Research Center and Zar Applied and Scientific University.
Zar Industrial Company is known as the largest manufacturer of semolina flour and pasta producer in Asia. In this group, we have tried a lot to provide a great supply chain, a scientific network, which is based on global pioneer patterns. Zar Group also considers to the customers’ needs by world-class quality. Zar was able to obtain about 60 percent of the domestic market by a great supply chain and it’s the largest exporter of pasta in Asia and Africa, too.
Due to the various capabilities of Zar Research and Industrial Group in the different fields of raw material supplying, world-class manufacturing, integrated distribution network and efficient-effective management in domestic and foreign markets has desire to cooperate with the top companies in food industry in different fields. So, all investors in various fields of the food industry are invited to participate with Zar group