Completed, in-Process, and Research Projects Relying on systematized and scientific management, the Group has been able to triplicate its storing capacity, quintuplicate its flour production capacity, and increasing the Pasta production capacity up to 10 times. Further, the Group has succeeded to complete fructose production project (producing fructose in Iran for first time) and glucose production project. Furthermore, the Group has expanded flour storing silos and reserving silos. Considering potential human force in Iran for supplying, producing, and transit, the Group is constructing factories for deep processing of grains in a large site. Based on the plans and enjoying the support of government, the complex will become the largest unit producing cereal-based foodstuffs in Asia. This complex will have capacity for storing 4 million tons and will have high-capacity power plant, special private railroad, and will be capable to load and unload materials and products.

Completed Projects Under-Construction Projects Projects Being Studied
Storing Silos (24 Silos) Fructose Factories
(2 Lines)
Processes for Producing Bakery Products, chocolates, and cacao
Railroad Connected to Trans-Iranian Railway Glucose  Factory Processes for Producing dairy Products
Pasta Factory (12 Active Lines, more than 50 items of products   Flour factory Processes for Producing cooking oil and industrial oils
Expansion of Offering, Distribution, and Selling Chains throughout the country  Construction of cereals storing silos in Amirabad Port (in Noshahr) and BIK for expanding supply network Enzyme Production Processes
Two Flour Factories   Processes for Producing sanitary and cellulose products
Zar Trabar Company (for performing logistics and distribution for Zar Group)   Production and printing of cellophane and carton 
Phase 1 of Construction of Storing silos in Zar Group Production Sites (12 silos)   Designing the system of water providing and distribution
    Processes for Producing provender and poultry foods
    Processes for Producing Different Types of Children foods
    Processes for Producing different industrial bread